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Welcome to the Civil War Artillery Compendium!

This site, currently under construction, is intended to serve as an electronic archive of information and documents relating to Civil War artillery. In order to provide the most reliable information to researchers, living historians, and others who may use this resource, the Civil War Artillery Compendium is dedicated to the use of primary and authoritative secondary sources. Wherever possible, documents such as unit histories and reports are reproduced in their entirety as electronic transcripts.

In addition to a wide range of technical information about Civil War artillery, this site contains extensive historical information about the men and organizations who composed the Long Arm. Most notably, the Civil War Artillery Compendium features a database of artillery units from both sides with unit histories, images, and much more.

We hope that whatever the level of your previous studies and whatever your particular area of interest, you will find the Civil War Artillery Compendium a useful and enjoyable system.

-The Author     

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