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"Forum upgrades" created by Rich McCoy
I am working on improving the forum. I hope to add threading so users can respond to topics already posted.

I will probably use this message/topic to test new features. This means you may see some strange test data here over the next few days.
Posted: March 22, 200612:18AM EST
Reply posted by Rich McCoy on March 22, 200612:08AM EST
As of today...this forum can now accept replies to topics.

And it only took about 2 hours of coding.

I think I will keep tweaking it, though.
Reply posted by Rich McCoy on March 22, 200612:29AM EST

It looks like the timestamp isn't working correctly. I will have to fix that. Aside from that (and some back-end moderator features), this forum seems ready for business.

I do intend to add a few more features, though, including the ability to preview messages before adding them.

I should also write a tutorial on how to use the markup code to add Bold, Italics, Underlining, etc.

Reply posted by Tom Alsop on April 15, 201212:26AM EST
Hi Rich,

Thank you for setting up this site. I am getting back into reenacting and your site will be an excellent resource.

I belong to a unit with Parrott rifles and any info you can provide will be helpful.

Thank you,

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