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~Common Field Pieces~
6 Pdr Griffen Wrought Iron Gun
  Although it probably never saw field service, the 6 Pdr Griffen Gun, named for its inventor, John Griffen, was an important milestone in the development of American artillery. This smoothbore wrought iron gun, sometimes referred to as a "breech-proof" gun, was a direct predecessor of Griffen's later design, the 3 in. Ordnance Rifle. The 6 Pdr Griffen Gun pioneered the technique of forming full wrought iron barrels by pounding layers of wrought iron around a central mandrel.

Less than twenty were produced, and these were purchased by the State of Pennsylvania. It is unknown whether any of these pieces was ever used in battle.

  The 6 Pdr Griffen Gun was manufactured by the Phoenix Iron Company.

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