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Massachussetts Artillery Units
------- Unassigned Heavy Artillery -------
1st Company
2nd Company
3rd Company
4th Company
5th Company
6th Company
7th Company
8th Company
9th Company
10th Company
11th Company
12th Company
13th Company
14th Company
15th Company
16th Company
17th Company
18th Company
19th Company
20th Company
21st Company
22nd Company
23rd Company
24th Company
25th Company
26th Company
27th Company
28th Company
29th Company
30th Company
------- Light Artillery -------
1st Battery
2nd Battery
3rd Battery
4th Battery
5th Battery
6th Battery
7th Battery
8th Battery
9th Battery
10th Battery
11th Battery
11th Battery (2nd)
12th Battery
13th Battery
14th Battery
15th Battery
16th Battery
Cook's Battery
   -- 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery
   -- 1st Battalion Heavy Artillery
   -- 2nd Regiment Heavy Artillery
   -- 3rd Regiment Heavy Artillery
   -- 4th Regiment Heavy Artillery
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