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"K 3 Battalion" created by bathricb
Hey Rich,

    I thought you could use someone to talk to. So, I thought I would drop a line and say hello. I just got done going over the web site and found it very informative. I think we need to get together and fill in the reenactment part of it though. To let other people know about upcoming and/or surrounding events.

Artillery is the way to go!!!!

(I didnít see anything about the 3rd Virginia Keebler (K3) Battalion Though)


Posted: November 13, 200612:59AM EST
Reply posted by Rich McCoy on November 27, 200612:27AM EST
Hey Brandon, welcome to the forum.  If you want to help work of this site, that would be really cool, I could use the help.  I'll give you some sort of moderator features as soon as I'm done coding them.

maybe I will add a Keebler's battery page, but it would have to be an easter egg (a hidden page).
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