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~Common Field Pieces~
6 Pdr Iron Field Guns
  A large number of 6 Pdr iron field guns saw service with both armies during the war. Some of these pieces dated back several decades. These are a few examples:

Model of 1819: Manufactured by the Fort Pitt Foundry, this slender barrelled design was sometimes referred to as a "walking stick."

Model of 1827: Also manufactured by the Fort Pitt Foundry.

Model of 1834: Manufactured by theColumbia and Fort Pitt Foundries.

Model of 1836: Iron version of the 1835 6 Pdr Bronze Field Gun (see 6 Pdr Bronze Field Guns).

6 Pdr Stedman Gun: Manufactured in 1861 by by Stedman & Co. of Aurora, Indiana.

6 Pdr Brennan Gun: Confederate manufacture.

6 Pdr Ellis & Moore Gun: Confederate manufacture.

6 Pdr Leach & Avery Gun: Confederate manufacture.

6 Pdr Noble Gun: Confederate manufacture. Produced in small numbers by the Noble Brothers Foundry of Rome, Georgia.  

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